Monday, 25 January 2016

A new EASO Executive Director

Mr. José Carreira was elected Executive Director of EASO at the Agency's 20th Management Board Meeting.

Newly re-elected Chairman of the Management Board, Mag Wolfgang Taucher, and Mr. José Carreira
Source: EASO

Mr. Carreira has acted as EASO’s Executive Director ad interim since November 2015, following the resignation of Dr. Robert Visser in October. Dr. Visser’s resignation was described as ‘surprising’, and having left the European Commission ‘in an awkward position’.

Mr. Carreira, a Portuguese national, was previously EASO’s Head of Administration. Before this, he was Director of FRONTEX’s Administration Division. He has also contributed in numerous United Nations humanitarian relief operations in Europe, Africa and Asia.

At the 2015 Consultative Forum Mr. Carreira stated that he “aim[s] to make EASO more operational and better equipped to quickly respond to the changing reality on the ground”.

EASO Spokesperson Jean-Pierre Schembri stated over the weekend:

Mr Carreira was elected as the EASO Executive Director yesterday by the Management Board. One of his main objectives is to enable the agency to respond to the new operational challenges which have arisen with the creation of the hotspots and the important role of EASO in the EU relocation programme. Mr Carreira has also stated, in various occasions, that he wants to make the agency more open and accessible in 2016 and to be in closer contact with civil society. In this context, in the coming weeks, he intends to hold a number of bilateral meetings with members of civil society, including Aditus.

We welcome Mr. Carreira, and his stated efforts at pursuing a more open and accessible discourse policy within the Agency.

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