Friday, 27 November 2015

EASO Practical Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan

     Source: Khaama Press

On the 2nd and 3rd of December the European Asylum Support Office will be hosting its Practical Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan in Valletta, Malta. Our team members Ejona and Ingebjørg will be participating, and will produce reports on each day of the Conference.

If you have any specific queries or issues you would like to have us raise during the event, just get in touch with us.

Provisional Agenda:

2 December 2015

Security situation in Afghanistan
• Presentation by the Lenny Linke (Afghanistan Analysts Network)
• Panel discussion and Q&A: Alexander Mundt (UNHCR); Hervé Nicolle (Samuel Hall); Ali M. Latifi (LA Times, Al Jazeera)

The situation of Afghans in Pakistan
• Presentation by Indrika Ratwatte (UNHCR Representative in Pakistan)
• Q&A

Socio-economic situation in Afghan urban centres
• Presentation by Hervé Nicolle (Samuel Hall)
• Panel discussion and Q&A: Ali M. Latifi (LA Times, Al Jazeera); AAN; Alexander Mundt (UNHCR)

The situation of Afghans in Iran
• Presentation by Zuzanna Olszewska
• Q&A

3 December 2015

The situation of IDPs and returnees in Afghanistan
• Presentation by Alexander Mundt (UNHCR Assistant Representative in Afghanistan)
• Panel discussion: Hervé Nicolle, Ali M. Latifi, AAN
• Q&A

Situation of Afghans in Turkey
• Presentation by Esra Kaytaz
• Remarks by Ali M Latifi
• Q&A

Regional Afghan refugee issues, return and reintegration
• Overview by Ali M Latifi on Afghan refugees from the Cold War until now
• Presentation by Nassim Majidi (Samuel Hall – via teleconference)
• Panel discussion and Q&A: AAN, UNHCR, Hervé Nicolle

Situation of Afghans in southern Europe
• Presentation by Alessandro Monsutti (via teleconference)
• Remarks by Ali M Latifi
• Q&A

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