Monday, 9 November 2015

EASO Monitor Returns

Dear readers,

We are delighted to announce that a new team has joined the aditus foundation to take over EASO Monitor. We are Law graduates, currently pursuing Master’s degrees in European Law at Leiden University, with a particular interest in the legal, practical and human aspects of migration. You can read more about us here.

We will keep in line with the spirit of this blog, as one that offers a critical insight into EASO’s work, yet we also have a few new ideas that we hope will work towards making EASO, its activities, and our comments more accessible to all of our readers.

Our main aim is to keep you informed about EASO’s activities. The Agency’s website and newsletter are quite good at offering pure information, however, we will also be offering our thoughts on what is working and what is not. In short: what are the ins and outs of EASO and what are the ups and downs.

We encourage discussion and debate in the Comments section so please do comment and feel free to contradict us and tell us what your views are.

Before we start sharing our posts, it might be useful to remember what EASO is and what it is not, as we feel that lack of access to certain significant information might have led to an obfuscation of the Agency’s actual role. The European Asylum Support Office is a regulatory agency of the European Union, based in Malta and established in 2010. According to the establishing Regulation, EASO’s mandate is to help Member States as they operate, within the framework of the Common European Asylum System. EASO supports Member States’ activities by gathering information and data, publishing technical reports, and providing specialised training and expertise. Furthermore, EASO assists those Member States facing particular asylum pressures. EASO’s more recent role includes the coordination of the establishment and implementation of the so-called ‘hotspots’ in Italy and Greece.

We provide a more in-depth description of EASO here but we also recommend their website where you can access EASO’s previous reports and news for yourself.

We are also active on Facebook and Twitter so please do join us over there as well!

Until next time,
Ejona, Ingebjørg & Geraldine

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