Wednesday, 18 June 2014

EASO Management Board meetings - We have the agendas!

Following our letter of 9 June, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) replied to us the following day and sent us the agendas of all the Management Board meetings held to date! You can find them all here.

While we are very happy for having received them, we would still like to reiterate that these agendas should be made directly accessible to the public, as clearly required by Article 12 of the Management Board Decision No. 6 laying down practical arrangements regarding public access to documents.

As for the Operating Plans, EASO makes them available online ( as long as the relevant national authorities agree with the release of the document or once the activities related to the Operating Plans are fully executed.

We actually think the opposite scenario ought to be the norm: it is during the implementation of these activities that civil society and other stakeholders’ contributions could be most valuable.

Finally, regarding our question on the electronic register of documents, we were informed that it is available in two different links: and

We are also following up our request for the agendas of the expert meetings and hope to post these as soon as we receive them.

Enjoy the reading of all the available documents!

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