Friday, 6 June 2014

As yet unpublished documents... Yet again we ask for their publication!

It’s a recurrent topic here in our blog: access to documentation (see some of our posts here).

In the past, we have asked for the disclosure of the Greek Operating Plan, the Luxembourg Plan and the Seat Agreement signed with Malta. We were only successful with the latter. With the Luxembourg and Greek Plans, our requests were rejected. It should also be mentioned that in the meanwhile the Luxembourg Operating Plan was also published, but only because the operation was over.

We will continue reiterating that we feel it is imperative for the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) to disclose the Plans and other key documents, as we believe that these documents are actually the best starting points civil society has to ensure a completely informed and critical commentary/monitoring of EASO’s work. And not only civil society.

Therefore, this time round we wrote a letter to EASO asking for the publication of three sets of documents: all the Operating Plans, Management Board meeting agendas and – possibly the most important document – Management Board Decision No. 6 laying down practical arrangements regarding public access to documents.

That’s right: the main tool laying down practical details on how to access EASO documents (Management Board Decision No. 6) is itself quite inaccessible! And we must say that we found it (here), at last, but not on EASO’s website.

So, here’s the letter we wrote to EASO. Feel free to share with us any similar experiences and the results of your efforts for publication of EASO’s documents!


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