Sunday, 17 November 2013

October Newsletter

The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) newsletter for October is available here.

In this edition the recent tragedies at sea resulting in the death of hundreds of migrants received a special focus: in the editorial, in the section on the Justice and Home Affairs Council held in Luxembourg earlier in October and in the new 'Quote of the Month' section.

The newsletter also reports on the European Parliament delegation visit to EASO (see our earlier post on this meeting), on the support provided to Bulgaria and on the programme for the 3rd Consultative Forum.



● Editorial and in the news
● EASO to provide support to Bulgaria
● JHA Council discusses Lampedusa and Syria
● Updated EASO COI portal launched
● The Salzburg Forum
● Visit to the Emergency Transit Centre
● The EASO Consultative Forum
● EASO training
● The Quality Matrix
● EASO National Contact Points Training Meeting
● Latest asylum trends
● New EASO Staff Committee
● European Council discusses migration flows
● EASO notices, including vacancies

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