Friday, 2 August 2013

Consultation & Surveys

We have a number of things to bring to your attention, since we were absent for two weeks (holidays time!).

Open Consultation for EASO’s Annual Reports

Shortly before we left on holidays, we informed you of these reports' publication (see our 10 July post here).

If you’re a member of the EASO Consultative Forum, you can now give your input on the 'Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the EU 2012'.
EASO website
You can find the call for input on EASO’s website, under ‘Latest News’ (or follow the direct link here), where you will also find the deadline for the input: 30 August.

A call for input for the ‘Annual Activity Report’ has also been opened, but the deadline has already passed (yesterday, 31 July). Did you send your feedback?

We sent EASO our feedback and suggestions. If you want to read them, just click here (direct access to the document on our website).

What we still don’t understand is: why isn’t the civil society opinion asked for also before the reports are drafted?

Again, it seems like EASO is only doing the minimum (what is imposed by the Regulation) to promote cooperation with civil society...

Surveys launched

EASO has launched two important surveys.
If you’re a frequent visitor of the Agency’s website, you might want to have a word on how to improve it, and you probably already realised that every single time you go to the website, a window pops up, inviting you to fill in the survey. It looks like this:
EASO website
We tend to think, for instance, that although the website is well organised, there is little information on what is what and on what is happening behind the curtains of the short press releases.
The other survey is the one on EASO’s newsletter. In case you haven’t received an e-mail informing you (like we did), it might be very easy to miss this one, since you have to go to the ‘Newsletter’ section of the website (click here) and scroll down until you find the last sentence: “Please take the time to rate our Newsletter by filling in our survey”.
We haven’t filled this one in as yet, but we will very soon. But in general, we would say that it focus too much on what’s happened instead of what’s to happen, as well as that most of the times the information provided does not go much beyond the general information already provided on the website.


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