Wednesday, 29 May 2013

EASO's June activities, & the Management Board

We're informed that EASO is organising three events for the month of June: 

  1. 3rd – 11th EASO Management Board Meeting 
  2. 4th – Annual Meeting EASO National Contact Points 
  3. 5th/6th – EASO expert meeting on intra-EU relocation 

The EASO Management Board Meeting is the second happening this year (the first one was in February). According to article 27 of the Regulation establishing a European Asylum Support Office, the “Management Board shall hold at least two ordinary meetings a year”

For a reminder on the Management Board’s composition see the ‘What is EASO?’ page and for a list of EASO’s Management Board Members, see our earlier post (although individual members could have changed since this post).

From a civil society perspective, particularly for our readers involved in advocacy, we strongly urge you to acquaint yourselves with your government representatives on the Management Board.  It is now evident that the MB is dealing with far more than overall management/oversight, and is in fact steering the Agency in a way that could raise several concerns.  As mentioned in so many earlier posts, EASO's independence (and its perceived independence) is by far its greatest challenge.

EASO Management Board, from EASO website

The other two meetings come in the scope of the national contact points’ communication with EASO and EASO’s duty to support relocation activities - articles 19 and 5 of the Regulation respectively. 

As always, we strongly urge EASO to open up these meetings to civil society members who are active, experienced and experts in the specific areas.  

We will keep you posted on any news we receive related to these events, as we’re eager to see the conclusions reached in all these three meetings.  

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