Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Greece, EAC, vacancies, Consultations...& we're still looking for an intern!

After some weeks of absence, we're back with a gathering of recent updates.  We've had some problems with our overseas EASO Monitor Intern, so in the coming days we'll be looking through the applications we had received to recruit another.

  • Press release from EASO dated 7th March, 'EASO and the Greek government sign agreement to extend EASO support to Greece until December 2014.'  News of this extended support to Greece is welcome, given the extremely dire situation in Greece and the particularly serious impact of the financial crisis on migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees.  We would be in a better position to comment on EASO's involvement in Greece if we would be given access to the Greece Operating mentioned in earlier posts, our requests for access were rejected.

  • Publication by EASO of its Annual Consultation Calendar.  This is also excellent news.  In the first meeting of the Consultative Forum, a number of NGOs had specifically asked for such a calendar, in order to facilitate civil society's contribution to EASO's activities in a timely and effective manner.  

  • As notified in an earlier post, EASO opened its 2014 Work Programme for public consultation, yet more welcome news from the Agency.  The consultation deadline is now passed; we hope that some of you managed to get your feedback in on time (unlike us!).  We cannot say whether late feedback would or would not be accepted...the best way to know could be by trying...

  • EASO Vacancy reminder...if you're interested in working with the European Asylum Support Office keep checking this page regularly.  Maybe an RSS feed could be added to the page?

  • The EASO Management Board (Member States' representatives, the Commission and UNHCR) has a new Chairperson: Mag. Wolfgang Taucher (Austria).  As we pointed our in several other posts, we think the biggest challenge for the Management Board is to steer away from Agency micromanagement, in order to ensure it does not impede the Executive Director's carrying out of his duties in an independent and impartial manner.

  • Do you want to attend a course of the European Asylum Curriculum (EAC)?  Check out the 2013 timetable, that also includes the deadlines for applications.  The listed modules are 'train the trainers' sessions, and from we understand EAC remains a tool only open to Member State representatives.  This is a pity, as we're sure many non-governmental actors could benefit from such targeted and good quality courses.  Again, we cannot confirm how EASO would react to EAC requests from non-governmental about trying?

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