Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Open consultation for EASO's 2014 Work Programme

We just received news that EASO's Executive Director has launched a consultation process on the Draft Outline of the EASO Work Programme 2014, a process which we very much welcome and encourage you all to participate in.

Further information on the consultation can be obtained from EASO's site, including the draft document.  All feedback should be sent to consultative-forum@easo.europa.eu by 1st Mach 2013.

In case you were wondering why we've been so silent, it's essentially because it's becoming increasingly difficult for us to cope with our projects and the EASO Monitor.  Today we filtered through the applications recieved for the EASO Monitor Intern position, and the selected candidate should be getting onto the Monitor in the coming days.  

We're greatly looking forward to welcoming our new intern on board, and hope we'll be in a better position to offer you a more efficient and interesting blog!

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