Friday, 16 November 2012

EPs in Greece, JHA Council, END FGM...

We've gathered a number of news updates for your attention:

  • Press release of 31st October from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) on the recent EP fact-finding visit to Greece, led by ALDE MEP Jan Mulder.  During the visit a meeting with EASO was held;

  • 25th October press release from the Cyprus Presidency summarising the October JHA Council;

  • In the 24th October report from the EP Committee on Foreign Affairs 'Draft report (Cristian Dan Preda) on the integration of migrants, its effects on the labour markets and the external dimension of social security coordination', the European Asylum Support Office is referred to on pages 8 and 9;

  • We've already posted a number of items on various projects and activities aimed at advocating for a gender-sensitive approach to asylum, and how these efforts have also been directed towards EASO.  Yet since it's a subject for which we've shown also in our work at aditus foundation, we think there's no harm in reminding you of the activities of Amnesty International's END FGM European Campaign and how they have included EASO in their advocacy work;

  • No real news in this document, but useful as desktop reference...the Commission's pamphlet-style info-graphics document 'Asylum in the EU', giving an overview of several sets of statistics for 2011.  EASO is included under the EU's operational assistance component. 

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