Friday, 23 November 2012

EASO's fact-finding report on EUREMA I

EUREMA is the EU's project facilitating the intra-EU relocation of beneficiaries of protection.  We've provided details on the project in several earlier posts, including our own input on such solidarity exercises.  

The Commission is currently reviewing EUREMA's first activities (EUREMA I), whilst its second set of activities are already underway attempting to relocate international protection beneficiaries.  As part of this evaluation, the Commission had tasked EASO to conduct a fact-finding exercise into all the aspects EUREMA I, with a view to assessing and determining how future relocation activities could be structured.

EASO's July report on the fact-finding exercise can be found on its new site, under the Press/Documents section.  We will definitely go through the document and come back to you with more detailed feedback.  Just one preliminary comment.  

A group of Malta-based NGOs had requested EASO and the Commission to include us in this evaluation, to give us the opportunity to share our experiences, lessons and concerns.  Our request was accepted, and since then we've sent a number of reminders, hoping that the Commission will not finalise its evaluation without first talking to us.  

We have a number of issues we want to raise with the Commission, regarding EUREMA's methodologies, criteria, process, impact on the ultimate beneficiaries and on Malta's asylum systems.

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