Thursday, 13 September 2012

Visser in Portugal, increased solidarity, Greece

We're happy to bring you some news items that have been sitting in out Inbox for some time now...more to follow as we clear out the info backlog:

Dr. Visser (second from left) in Portugal.

  • Visit by EASO's Executive Director to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service, reported here on 17th May;

  • Document from the Presidency of the Council of the European Union to the Permanent Representatives Committee/Council (JHA) entitled 'Implementation of the Common Framework for genuine and practical solidarity towards MS facing particular pressures due to mixed migration flows - Political discussion with a particular focus on the support to Greece in areas of borders, asylum, and migration management', of 29th May.  For more in EASO's activities in Greece, and the MS' progress see our earlier posts, particularly this one;

  • European Parliament news item of 11th July reporting the EP's call for giving EASO a stronger role in promoting closer cooperation amongst EU MS with regard to asylum solidarity.  This ties in with a discussion held just last week, also at the EP, on the European Distribution Key.

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