Monday, 20 August 2012

Meeting with FRA, UAM questionnaire, Procedures Directive

These are some news updates we've been wanting to post for some time now…apologies for the delays!

  • On 13th April Dr. Robert Visser, EASO Executive Director, visit the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA).  The FRA press statement can be read here;

  • On 18th April Malta's Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Tonio Borg, provided an overview of his ministry's 2011 work and referred to Malta's role in the Libya situation as well as to EASO;

  • As part of its on-going activities in the area of unaccompanied minors and separated children, EASO had disseminated a questionnaire to relevant organisations in order to gather data relating to age assessment practices.  Here you can find the link to the responses submitted by the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (ILPA);

  • Statewatch published the 24th April 'Outcome of Proceedings' document in the context of the on0going negotiations to amend the Procedures Directive.  The document presents the results of the examination conducted by the Asylum Working Party of the Presidency compromise suggestions.  As expected, the European Asylum Support Office is given an active role in the document, yet possibly a somewhat limited one.  Specifically, EASO's is envisaged to play a role in:
    • mobilisation of its resources to support CEAS implementation by the EU MS;
    • a source of guidelines for further MS support;
    • a training resource;
    • Country of Origin Information provider for determining authorities in the MS, particularly within the context of safe country of origin assessments.

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