Friday, 6 July 2012

EASO's first COI Report coming soon!

Last week here at aditus we received an invitation from the European Asylum Support Office to attend a presentation of their first COI report, to be launched on July 10 at 14.30 hrs.  This first report will be on Afghanistan and is entitled 'Afghanistan: Taliban Strategies - Recruitment'

In the invitation it is stated that:

‘The availability of and the expertise on COI is one of the cornerstones of decision-making in the asylum process and as such can enhance harmonisation of practices. The continuous support in the field of COI is an important tool in achieving a Common European Asylum System. The purpose of this report is to provide information supporting COI Experts, Decision and Policy Makers active in the Refugee Status Determination Procedures.’

The presentation is being held in Brussels, which means that we’re unfortunately unable to attend.  Anyone planning to go please fill us in if possible, as we’re very curious. 
Based on 2011 UNHCR statistics

Once we get hold of a copy of the report, we'll definitely disseminate it.  

During EASO's inaugural Consultative Forum (December last year), we had a long discussion on the legal and political relevance of the EASO COI reports.  We all wondered whether the reports would represent the EU's official statement on the situation in the reported country, and were curious to see how far EASO would go in concluding whether particular regions and/or countries are or are not safe from an international protection perspective.  

The Office's COI Unit made it very clear that EASO would not reach any such conclusion, but that it would present facts in an objective manner with the idea that such an EU-wide statement of fact would encourage and possible result in the MS asylum authorities adopting similar decisions.  

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