Monday, 9 July 2012

EASO COI Report out tomorrow, & we'll be there!

As a follow up to our earlier post regarding EASO's first COI report, on Afghanistan, we have the following 2 updates:

  • it seems that the press conference will be made available online a few hours following the event, available here;

  • although we had announced that we would not be able to attend the press conference, we've managed to secure our presence thanks to the super kind offer from one of our readers.  She'll be attending and reporting back to we'll definitely be able to provide you a good report on the conference.  Thanks Tineke! 

As a reminder, the launch is entitled 'Country of Origin information (COI) Report "Afghanistan, Taliban Strategies - Recruitment" and will be conducted by EASO Executive Director Dr. Robert K. Visser.


  1. Tineke Dannenberg13 July 2012 at 21:15

    It has been a pleasure to attend the press conference & see the result of EASO's hardworking team! Next to the launch of the first COI report on Afghanistan EASO director Dr. Robert Visser also presented a methodology setting standards for COI research and reporting.

  2. Thanks for this feedback Tineke! We're looking forward to your notes so that we can create a post on the launch of the report and of the COI methodology.

    It's great that you could be there for us!