Wednesday, 20 June 2012

EASO & World Refugee Day

As you all know, today is World Refugee Day. It is the day dedicated to the millions of people forced to flee their homes, where we try to raise active awareness on the plights of refugees.  It is celebrated throughout the world – Malta being no exemption.

What will EASO be doing for its first real World Refugee Day?  Well, so far we haven't received any press statement, announcement or message.  We must admit we are slightly disappointed and would have loved to see the Agency say some words about this important day for refugees and for all of us who work with them and for them!

However, EASO will not be totally silent.  Tomorrow, the UNHCR Representation in Malta and the UNHCR Liaison Office to EASO is hosting a panel discussion with the title ‘In search of solidarity – global, regional and national perspectives on refugee protection.’

The panel discussion will be conducted by:
  • Dr. Robert Visser, Executive Director, European Asylum Support Office (EASO)
  • Mr. Laurens Jolles, UNHCR Regional Representative for Southern Europe
  • Mr. Joseph St. John, Director (Policy Development) in the Malta Ministry of Home and Parliamentary Affairs
  • Ms. Anneliese Baldaccini, Representative of Amnesty International and ECRE


The session will run from 4-6 pm, in Valletta, Malta.  We'll definitely be attending, and will be sure to send you any information relevant to this blog.

Happy World Refugee Day!

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