Tuesday, 22 May 2012

UK Minister of Immigration & EASO

Strangely (or not?) we don't come across too many comments from the Member States on the European Asylum Support Office. 

However, we recently spotted comments (available here) by the UK Minister of Immigration in the UK House of Commons stating their views on the ‘Commission Communication on enhanced intra-EU solidarity in the field of asylum: An EU agenda for better responsibility-sharing and more mutual trust' (we had posted on this document back in April...here).

A short overview of the Communication is provided, followed by the Minister of Immigration setting out the UK government's views on the Communication, concluding that: 

"We welcome the emphasis on practical cooperation, much of which is to be facilitated by the recently established European Asylum Support Office, and look forward to considering what impact the EASO has had as part of its evaluation in 2013."

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