Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The March 2012 JHA Council Meeting

We've mentioned this meeting in several of our previous posts, but we thought we better make the most interesting EASO-related conclusions easily accessible to our readers.  The full meeting press release can be found here

In the meeting the ministers, their representatives and the Commission decided to adopt the ‘Council conclusions on a Common Framework for genuine and practical solidarity towards Member States facing particular pressures on their asylum systems, including through mixed migration flows.’  As the document's title indicates this framework is an attempt to enhance solidarity measures across the EU. 

With regard to the European Asylum Support Office, the document includes a number of interesting elements, for example in relation to a mechanism for early warning, preparedness and crisis management.  It also touches upon the notion of preventive cooperation and solidarity in emergency situations and concludes that cooperation between EASO and FRONTEX should be strengthened. 

Generally it emphasises solidarity through different measures such as financial support, relocation and the possibility of joint EU processing of asylum claims - currently under scrutiny by the Commission. 

The Greece Action Plan on Asylum and Migration was also discussed (had you read our May 4 post where we shared the Commission's interim evaluation on progress in Greece?).  

CEAS was also on the agenda, with the end-2012 deadline fast-approaching.  The meeting discussed the state of play, including the ongoing negotiations and the set-up of EASO itself.

You can find several commentaries on the meeting's outcome, including this from Theresa May (Member of Parliament for Maidenhead, Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities).

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