Friday, 4 May 2012

COI production by EASO

Many thanks to Elisa Mason at the excellent Forced Migration Current Awareness blog, for sending us a document on Country of Origin Information (COI). 

It’s for our readers who are curious about how the European Asylum Support Office is dealing with their task of gathering COI.  Scroll down to page 7 in the 'Minutes from the Independent Chief Inspector of the UKBA Independent Advisory Group on Country Information (IAGCI) on 28th February 2012' to read what EASO COI Expert Nino Hartl had to say about this issue. 

Do let us know if you come across any material about EASO that you think should be passed on.


  1. Coincidentally, I just came across yet another description of EASO's COI activities, provided in this article: "Aiming at Convergence: The EU Common Country of Origin Information Portal" in the latest issue of The Researcher. The text is available at; scroll to p. 16.

    Elisa Mason

    1. Dear Elisa,

      Thanks a million for this! We're sure our readers who follow COI issues also appreciate.


  2. Thanks for a very informative artickel, it is appreciated.