Thursday, 19 April 2012

EASO’s April Newsletter distributed

The April edition of the European Asylum Support Office newsletter contains some interesting points and is way of getting a sense of what the office does with their precious time. If you would like to read the newsletter you can download it here.
The content is as follows:
  • Editorial
  • In the News
    • MEP Monica Hohlmeier visits EASO, 4 April 2012
    • MEP Simon Busuttil meets Executive Director, March 22 2012
    • First EASO/EAC training session in Athens, 21/22 March 2012
  • EASO Vacancies (six of them!)
  • Meet the team: Head of General Affairs and Administration Unit
  • Ask the Executive Director: Gender sensibility in Country of Origin Information
  • EASO’s work on Unaccompanied Minors
  • EASO Training (European Asylum Curriculum)
  • Works on EASO’s Premises
  • EASO in Pictures

We would like to point out the possibility for you to ask questions to Dr. Visser by emailing them to
Speaking of the participation of civil society Dr. Visser also states that EASO is working on establishing an online consultation system, ‘which would ensure the broadest and most efficient consultation with civil society organisation’. An initiative we welcome and encourage all relevant parties to support - when it's ready.

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