Thursday, 29 March 2012

New design, new blog team & new ambitions...

In the coming months you will realise that the EASO Monitor will be undergoing some changes.  As a part of these changes, aditus now has a new team working on the blog, dedicating its time and efforts to making this blog even better and interesting for our readers. 

Our plan is to make the blog less information-heavy and more varied.  For this, we strongly urge and welcome your input! If you have a piece of research, a relevant comment or analysis or something  you think the blog readers cannot or shouldn't ignore, we'd love to receive it!  So do you get in touch with us.

The team will also be working on the several posts we've put on 'the shelf', simply due to lack of time to research and finalise.  Expect that some of the coming posts will relate to issues or events that occurred some weeks or months ago.  We sincerely apologise for the tardiness.

By the way, if you're wondering where the Labels, Archive and Subscription options went to, they are just hiding on the right hand side, and will elegantly slide out for you once you hover over the hidden bar.  

Also note that we've adopted the new Blogger templates, enabling you to choose which format you prefer to view the EASO Monitor in.  Just go to the top left hand corner and choose your preferred viewing option.

We've also created a new e-mail address for all issues specifically relating to the blog.  So please go ahead and update your address book with:

More changes will be rolled out in the coming weeks.  We hope these will improve the quality of the keep reading and keep the information coming!

Warm regards from us all in Malta,
Neil, Annabelle, Maria and Gine.

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