Friday, 2 March 2012

EASO Monitor meets Dr. Visser - General Update

Last week, on 21st February, we met with EASO's Executive Director for what looks like could become a regular update meeting.  We're very happy that the meeting invitation actually came from Dr. Visser's office, which we like to take as a sign of EASO's support of our activities.

EASO Monitor is now fully incorporated
into the work of aditus foundation  
We covered a number of important issues in our meeting, so we've decided to break down the information into a number of posts covering the main topics we discussed:

  1. the on-going discussions on an early-warning mechanism within either the Dublin II Regulation, or as a stand-alone instrument, particularly with regard to a possible role for EASO in this mechanism;
  2. the annual report on the state of asylum in the European Union;
  3. the Consultative Forum;
  4. access to documentation and information (within the context of our repeated calls for access to the EASO/Greece and EASO/Luxembourg Operating Plans.

In the coming days we'll be posting summaries of our discussions on these 4 topics. 


On a different note, we've realised that the new Design View offered by Blogger removed the possibility of readers subscribing to receive e-mail updates from the Monitor.  To try to remedy this situation, until Blogger reintroduces this possibility, we've added 'Follows us...' components at the bottom of the other non-post pages (Documents, etc.).

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