Monday, 20 February 2012

EASO publishes its first newsletter

We just received a copy of EASO's first newsletter, for February 2012.  It looks like this new initiative all be a monthly publication containing updated information on the work of the Office.  We've uploaded the document for you to access on our aditus foundation website, here.

The first edition contains the following updates:

  • Editor's message;
  • Presentation of EASO's 2012 Work Programme to the EP;
  • The Luxembourg Asylum Support Teams;
  • The mission to Greece;
  • Introduction of Dr. Robert Visser, EASO Executive Director;
  • The European Asylum Curriculum (EAC);
  • The Management Board;
  • Photos.

We think this is an excellent initiative, and a step in the right direction insofar as it provides a regular update on the Agency's workings.  

From our perspective, we're wondering if the monthly Newsletter will make us redundant?!  Probably not, but we're having an internal discussion to see how to best to exploit this Newsletter and reduce the volume of information we need to process and post on a regular basis.

If you have any particular ideas on what you'd like us to be focusing on, get in touch with us and tell us

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