Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Update on the European Asylum Curriculum

The first expert pool meeting of the European Asylum Curriculum took place on the 6-7 December, occurring in the same week when EASO and EAC project also organised the fourth National Contact Points session.  

Around 40 trainers from several countries participated in this expert pool training, mainly designed to give additional didactic training to the EAC trainers. 

The fouth National Contact Points session discussed the implementation of EAC under EASO’s lead.  The discussion focused on the need to organise EAC training for managers, to encourage regional training cooperation, to identify the role of the trainer in the national service and EASO’s ambitions for the coming months.  The meeting was an occasion for MS to share their experiences in implementing EAC.

Now sure what EAC is?  Check out the EAC site for more information...it's an important initiative that shouldn't be ignored, and a key element in EASO's activities.

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