Thursday, 26 January 2012

LIBE Committee looks into EASO 2012 Work Programme

Yesterday morning EASO Executive Director presented the Agency's 2012 Work Programme to the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE).

We weren't able to follow the meeting on the EP's live broadcast page, and seem to be having some technical difficulties in accessing the session's video file, meant to be accessible here.  For now, we can direct you to the session's schedule where you'll find links to the documents presented by Visser during the meeting: the 2012 Work Programme and the EASO press release on its activities in Greece (reported earlier here).

We'll keep trying to access the video file, as we hear the session was a rather intense one with a number of MEPs presenting Visser with a series of challenging questions.  We're wondering if this could possibly reflect the EP's feeling that EASO's start-up phase should be coming to an end, making way for its results phase.

We're also keen to see EASO get active and operational, yet also understand that its current logistical arrangements are far from ideal for the implementation of anything but relatively small-scale project sand initiatives.  It is still operating from rather inadequate premises, wholly unfit to house all of the Office's staff and facilitate the organisation of dynamic and interactive projects.  

We hear the target date for the Office to move into its intended premises (the shimmering building on this EASO Monitor's homepage) is still mid-2012.

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