Friday, 6 January 2012

Irish political youth group's conclusions on CEAS

On 10th December the Irish political youth group Young Fine Gael adopted a declaration entitled "December 2011: On Strengthening the Common European Asylum System". In its statement the group highlights the EU's aims and rationale at creating CEAS and underlines what it feels are pressing issues in this regard, such as the reform of the Dublin II Regulation, the discrepancies between EU MS in their asylum systems and the need to ensure international protection to those persons in need of it.

The declaration ends with a number of conclusions, or recommendations, with EASO featuring in the final comment. YFG's conclusions are as follows:

  • "Calls for transfers under Dublin II Regulations to over-burdened member states be temporarily suspended on EU level to allow pressure to be lifted from asylum systems in certain member states. 
  • Calls for the Dublin II Regulations to be reformed as a matter of urgency, putting into place a system of quotas based on objective criteria and realistic capacity, allowing for relocation of asylum seekers once a Member State can no longer practicably host those entering the state to seek asylum.
  • When transfer is taking place, the presence of family member's in another EU member State, whether legally resident or awaiting determination of an application for refugee status, should be taken into account in order to preserve family unity. 
  • Welcomes proposals to amend the Qualifications Directive and calls for the amendments to be acted on as a matter of urgency; calls for ambiguities to be clarified and for further harmonisation of qualification criteria between EU member states; calls for these minimum standards to be enforced through regular reporting and inspection.
  • Suggests that once minimum standards of qualification have been reached, Member States would jointly consider legislating for the right of free movement within the European Union to be accrued to recognised refugees. 
  • Welcomes the European Asylum Support Office coming into operation in June 2011, and calls for it to immediately begin the provision of support to Member State asylum systems, particularly with regard to the provision of common, quality and current country or origin information."

(According to YFG's site:

"Young Fine Gael (YFG) is the youth wing of the Fine Gael party and always welcomes new members aged between 15 and 30. Young Fine Gael is the only vehicle for young people to seek political change in this country. As an autonomous youth organisation, it has the advantage of embodying the values of the senior Party, while maintaining the independence to express views of young people.")

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