Monday, 30 January 2012

Apostolic Nuncio to Malta...brief reference to EASO

Dr. Robert Visser, EASO Executive Director (left) with 
Hon. Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, Malta's Minister for Home and Parliamentary Affairs.  (Photo taken from the Minister's blog)

In a recent post to his blog, Malta's Minister for Home and Parliamentary Affairs (formerly Minister for Justice and Home Affairs) referred to a speech delivered by  His Excellency Mgr. Tommaso Caputo.  Mgr. Caputo is the Apostolic Nuncio in Malta, also Dean of the Diplomatic Corps.  

The speech referred to by the Minister, in the post entitled 'Our country at the beginning of this year' was delivered by Mgr. Caputo on the occasion of the exchange of New Year greetings, where he mentioned the opening of EASO in Malta as part of the country's efforts in the area of asylum, interestingly after commenting how Malta "has left no stone unturned in invoking international cohesion and burden-sharing in dealing with this phenomenon (the influx of illegal immigrants)."  

Mgr. Tommaso Caputo (right), with Malta President George Abela.
(Photo taken from 
Mgr. Caputo further described EASO as contributing "to the task of streamlining asylum policies and improving cooperation between authorities."

We hope use of the term "illegal immigrants" is however not attributable to His Excellency Mgr. Caputo, but rather to the translator.

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