Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Interview with Dr. Visser

On 11th October EASO Executive Director of the European Asylum Support Office, Dr. Robert K. Visser talked with Dana Bonello from the Malta Economic Update on the tasks, goals and challenges of EASO.  The full interview may be found here.

Dr. Robert K. Visser

The interview is one of the many introductory exercises necessarily being carried out by Visser, with little new information for anyone who's following EASO or even CEAS.  We could however highlight a good recommendation made by Visser vis-√°-vis the EU's engagement with North Africa:

"What I sincerely hope is that Europe does not stop its active participation once matters ‘calm down’ so to speak, but will also offer its assistance once this change takes place eventually. I would like to see direct investment and support from the European Union once the conflict is over as this would greatly boost the economy and lives of the people there. I believe that this is the way forward and it is this kind of support that would leave a very positive impact on the migration aspect."

Note:  As from this post Annabelle Khalil, an aditus volunteer, will be assisting me with the work on this blog since the volume of EASO-related information is gradually increasing in size.  She'll be working on the EASO Monitor, and hopefully with her new input we can start being more proactive.  Thanks Annabelle!

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