Thursday, 24 November 2011

EASO Consultative Forum Register is an open application process

DG Home has just updated its page dedicated to EASO.  The page provides general information on the Office, together with the Management Board photo and the chart showing the Office's internal structure.  

At the bottom of the page there is information on the Consultative Forum, with the call for expressions of interest included.  We're somewhat upset that the call was not publicised at all, but published rather discreetly on a UNHCR site.  The deadline for applying was also extremely tight and cumbersome...most of us who did manage to apply did so quite hectically!  Whilst we understand the idea that the Forum should gather those members of civil society that really may provide useful input to EASO, we're not sure the first call for expressions of interest was done in an appropriately open and transparent manner.

Whilst the deadline for this call has expired, there seems to be no deadline to expressing your interest to form part of the Consultative Forum if you haven't done so yet, do ahead and do it now.

Organisations/individuals who applied to participate in the first meeting of the Consultative Forum should be notified by tomorrow, 25th November.  

All our fingers are crossed!

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