Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Home Affairs updates its Agencies website

The European Commission recently updated the webpage where it lists and described the Home Affairs Agencies.  The list covers Frontex, Europol, CEPOL, EMCDDA and - of course - EASO.

Information provided is quite general, with the following on EASO:

"EASO's objectives are threefold:

  • to develop practical cooperation among EU States on asylum by facilitating exchanges of information on countries of origin, providing EU States with support for translation and interpretation and for training of asylum officials and assisting in the relocation of beneficiaries of international protection
  • to support EU States under particular pressure, in particular through the establishment of an early warning system, the coordination of teams of experts to assist in managing asylum applications and the putting in place of appropriate reception facilities
  • to contribute to the implementation of the Common European Asylum System by collecting and exchanging information on best practices, drawing up an annual report on the asylum situation in the EU and defining technical orientations on the implementation of the Union's asylum instruments.

Through its support function, EASO assists EU States in fulfilling their European and international obligations in the field of asylum.
EASO was established by Regulation (EU) 439/2010 as an independent and specialised body. It became fully operational in mid-2011. Its headquarters are located in Valletta (Malta)."

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