Friday, 7 October 2011

Executive Director interviewed in local publication

News Items

  • EASO featured in UNHCR's recent update (29th September) on its activities in Europe for 2011.  The update is an interesting document not only insofar as it provides an insight into UNHCR's on-going activities within Europe, but also since - in doing so - it gives a broad perspective on the situation of asylum within the region.  EASO is mentioned on the first page, where UNHCR confirms its support for the EU's activities in the context of CEAS, and on page 2 where UNHCR reiterates its support for EASO (reminder: under EASO's Regulation, UNHCR is a non-voting Management Board Member);
  • In recent news outlining the Commission's view for JHA partnerships with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, EASO appears as one of the EU agencies listed to cooperate in JHA matters with these listed countries.  EASO's Regulation does envisage a role for EASO in CEAS' external dimension;
  • On 21st September Frontex reacted to the scathing HRW report that condemned the EU's behaviour vis-á-vis asylum-seekers and migrants entering Greece, reported here on this blog.  In essence, Frontex comments that most of HRW's recommendations are somehow incorporated in the revised Frontex Regulation that foresees, inter alia, a stronger fundamental rights approach to its operations.  Frontex highlights that the implementation of its Fundamental Rights Strategy will be implemented in cooperation with agencies such as EASO;
  • Also on 21st September UNHCR and the EU issued a strong statement urging all European states "to commit to quality in asylum procedures."  The joint statement was made during an end-of-project conference in Brussels and highlights the importance given by both EASO and UNHCR to ensuring a close cooperation between the respective agencies.  From our perspective, this is of course an important cooperation that we strongly encourage.  We also hope the results of the EU-funded project will be appropriately disseminated to ensure a follow-up to its conclusions (summary project report available here).    

Particular Interest

  • The site just added EASO to one of its standard templates through which information may be easily requested of any EU body.  The template for EASO can be found here, with introductory information here.  If you remember well, I had posted that access to EASO documentation, in terms of its Regulation, was a topic on the last MB meeting...yet the MB conclusions are so far unknown to the general interested public.  You would also remember that the EASO Monitor had requested to be given access to the EASO/Greece Operating Plan, which request was denied.  Any feedback on successful attempts at accessing such important documents would be most welcome!
Executive Director

  • Dr. Robert Visser gave an interview to the Malta Business Agenda, a local publication focusing primarily on business issues.  You can download the publication here.

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