Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ILGA-Europe on Procedures & Reception Directives - recommendations

In July, ILGA Europe issued a policy paper entitled "Policy paper: the recast of the EU asylum Procedure and Reception Directives", containing its concerns & recommendations on the 2 directives.

As ILGA Europe explains, this paper is effectively a follow-up to an earlier policy paper it issued in January & comments on the progress made so far by the European Parliament & the Council in finalising these 2 key CEAS components.

The paper's focus is clearly an LGBTI one & contains a number of references to EASO & how the Office could contribute to CEAS having a more LGBTI-sensitive approach (the EASO Monitor has often posted ILGA Europe's positions, available here).

In relation to EASO, ILGA-Europe summarily recommends the following:
  • a specific mentioning of "applicants in need of special procedural guarantees" in the Procedures Directive clause regarding training of determine authority staff. This will have an impact on EASO's training activities on the basis of Article 6(4) of its Regulation;
  • reference is made to ILGA-Europe's recommendations to EASO on ensuring a gender-sensitive approach in its activities ("Engendering the European Asylum Support Office").
Whilst endorsing ILGA-Europe's recommendations, we're greatly looking forward to EASO providing news regarding the establishment of the Consultative Forum. This will be the main forum where civil society will be given the opportunity engage directly with EASO.

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