Tuesday, 26 July 2011

UK Parliamentary Committee discusses asylum procedures

On 6th July the UK Parliament's European Scrutiny Committee discussed a number of documents relating to asylum procedures within the EU context.  

Beyond the interest of these discussions for those of you following individual EU MS' positions on the asylum acquis, the discussions are increasingly referring to EASO and shed a light on how EASO is perceived or understood in various MS.  

The 6th July debate mentioned EASO in the context of the government reacting to the Commission's most recent proposals to amend the Procedures Directive.  Specifically, EASO in mentioned in relation to a proposal regarding the requirement that asylum officials be appropriately trained on the basis of the European Asylum Curriculum...a training programme currently being handed over to EASO*.  The UK Government commented that:

"The Minister acknowledges that the training requirements for personnel dealing with asylum claims have been simplified, and will be based on a European asylum curriculum being developed by the European Asylum Support Office. He adds, however, that the Government believes that "training is better developed through practical cooperation than through legislation" and that the European asylum curriculum "should be a resource for Member States to use to supplement and improve their training, rather than a legally binding curriculum that all Member States should be obliged to follow."

*See the EAC site for updated news on this.

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