Tuesday, 26 July 2011

EASO in ILGA-Europe glossary of terms

Given its prominence, it comes as no surprise that EASO is included in a recent glossary of terms (you can also download the full glossary from this linked page), just published by one of Europe's largest NGOs: ILGA Europe.

The glossary defines EASO as:

"European Asylum Support Office (abbr. EASO): The EASO is located in Valetta, Malta, and put into operation in June 2011. The EASO will support Member States in their efforts to implement a more consistent and fair asylum policy, for example by helping to identify good practices, organising training at European level and improving access to accurate information on countries of origin. It will also provide technical and operational support to Member States facing "particular pressures" (i.e. Member States receiving large numbers of asylum claims), via the deployment of asylum expert teams, thus contributing to alleviate some of the pressure on their systems."

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