Monday, 18 July 2011

Annual Report on Immigration & Asylum (2010)

Recently I've fallen backwards on the posts, & I've just realised I have long list of issues to cover dating back from May/June.  It's a busy time, but you'll be getting the updates over the coming days.

In May, the Commission published the "Annual Report on Immigration & Asylum (2010)" in the form of a Communication to the EP & the Council.  You can read a the report's main excerpts here, & these are the parts covering EASO:

  • page 5 - "The adoption in 2010 of the Regulation for the creation of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) was a significant development.  The Commission is working actively so that the EASO becomes operational in June this year with a view of boosting practical cooperation."
  • page 6 - "Following the submission of an Action Plan to the European Commission in August 2010, Greece has embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of its asylum and migration system, and has received support from the Commission, the Member States, Norway, the UNHCR and other EU partners. Asylum Expert Teams coordinated by the EASO are now deployed there. Important new legislation has already been adopted by Greece in 2010, and its implementation is underway."
  • page 6 - "The recent events in the Mediterranean and the need to restructure the asylum systems of some Member States confirm the necessity of creating a common procedure and a uniform status at EU level. This implies better EU legislation, strengthened practical cooperation coordinated by the EASO, a concrete multifaceted commitment to solidarity and an increased investment in cooperation with third countries."
  • page 10 - "In recent years, most Member States have experienced an increase in the number of unaccompanied minors arriving on their territory, and there has been a growing realisation that EU action is needed. Responding to this need, in 2010 the Commission adopted an Action Plan on Unaccompanied Minors (2010 – 2014),20 on the basis of which, in June, the Council adopted conclusions.  The Action Plan put forward a common EU approach based on the principle of the best interests of the child and identified several main strands for action such as prevention, reception and identification of durable solutions. The Action Plan also recognised that the successful protection of unaccompanied minors necessitates closer cooperation between Member States, EASO, EU institutions and stakeholders."


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