Thursday, 16 June 2011

ReliefWeb compilation report on refugee resettlement

On 16th June ReliefWeb published a compilation “Briefing Kit for Jordan + Chad + Agence France-Presse”, with the sole content being an article entitled EU eyes Europe-wide scheme to resettle more refugees.

The article, written in August 2009, highlights EU efforts and developments in resettlement, including the relocation activities from Malta to other EU MS. EASO is mentioned in the article as the new EU office that “will annually identify priority groups which need refuge, for example Iraqi refugees in Syria or Jordan, Somali refugees in Kenya or Sudanese refugees from Chad.”

I wasn’t able to find the ReliefWeb document online, but the article can be found here.


  1. Hi, I think the Briefing Kits are automatically generated by users. It's a way for people to prepare customized packages of things they want to read; see for more info. The Briefing Kit icon is available on pages in the Updates section, and once you've honed in on the things you are interested in, just click the icon and it will create a PDF that aggregates everything for you. BTW, the specific article you mention in your blog post is available at The nice thing about the new ReliefWeb is you can also create a customized RSS feed for "European Asylum Support Office." Just go to "Updates," enter "European Asylum Support Office" into the search box, and click on search. Then from the results page, click on the RSS icon on the lower right side of the page to generate a feed. Then any time "European Asylum Support Office" is mentioned in a future document posted to ReliefWeb, you'll get an alert. You can try the same thing with "EASO," but you'll likely get some false hits since the system will make a match with any words containing that combination of letters (like "seasonal"). Cheers, Elisa (

  2. Thanks for this interesting feedback Elisa, much appreciated!

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