Sunday, 12 June 2011

More EASO vacancies - 2nd SNE call

EASO has just issued a 2nd call for Seconded National Experts, following its first call some time ago, reported by EASO Monitor here and here. For more general information on SNEs (status, application, etc.) check the Commission’s page.

There are now 6 calls published, some of which are repeated calls. Details as follows (you can download a zip file with full details here):

  • Methodologies, Analysis and Assessment of comparable asylum data and documentation (organisation of information exchange between MS, liaison with institutions and networks);
  • (Republication) Coordination of Asylum Support Teams (commencing in Greece, logistical planning and organisation, liaison between deployed experts and MS, report coordination, Asylum Intervention Pool);
  • Consultative Forum (1st Forum to be held before end 2011, coordination of other working parties);
  • (Republication) COI (first focus on Afghanistan, methodology development, report drafting);
  • Relocation, Resettlement and External Dimension;
  • EU Action Plan on Unaccompanied Minors (data collection/exchange, training components.

Starting dates vary: July, August, October, September
Place: Malta, with possible missions/frequent stay to other EU MS;
Application deadline: June 2011 (some ending 30th, some ending 15th)

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