Thursday, 16 June 2011

JHA Council Conclusions focus on EASO & 'particular pressures'

On 9th and 10th June the EU JHA Ministers met for the 3096th Justice and Home Affairs Council Meeting (Luxembourg).

The Council adopted a number of conclusions, of relevance to us are the Council Conclusions on Borders, Migration and Asylum: Stocktaking and the way forward. These Conclusions are divided into the following sections: Strengthening the protection of external borders; Strengthening the Schengen Area; Legal Migration; Asylum; and Global Approach to Migration, cooperation with third countries.

It is the Asylum section that we find a reference to EASO, in paragraph 17 where the Conclusions state:

“The Council welcomes the inauguration of the European Asylum Support Office and calls on the Office to play a key role in strengthening practical cooperation, further aligning the practices of Member States and in reinforcing their capacities and providing operational support in case of particular pressure on their asylum and reception systems. It welcomes in this connection the deployment of the EASO asylum expert teams to Greece in order to assist the implementation of its National Action Plan on asylum and migration management.”

Once again, the emphasis is on EASO’s role in supporting MS facing particular pressures and not what we think is also a crucial EASO role: contribution to the implementation of CEAS.

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