Sunday, 19 June 2011

EASO official inauguration

I just returned from EASO's official inauguration, a reception organised jointly by EASO and the Malta Government at the Upper Barrakka Gardens (Valletta, Malta).

After a welcome drink, speeches were delivered by EU JHA Commissioner Malmstrom, EASO Management Board Chairperson, Executive Director and the Maltese Prime-Minister.  Malmstrom's comments are reported here.

I particularly liked Malmstrom's presentation, as she really went to the core of international protection and highlighted the need for the EU to welcome and protect persons fleeing their homes and reaching its borders.  The Malta PM focused on intra-EU relocation as the primary solution to Malta's refugee situation.  We'd much rather call it a 'situation', than the PM's choice of 'burden'.

Following the four presentations, EASO's logo was unveiled.  It's not exactly a great logo... 

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