Thursday, 9 June 2011

Amnesty's letter pre-JHA Council Meeting (May)

On 6th May, Amnesty International European Institutions Office together with Amnesty International Hungary sent a letter to Sándor Pintér, Hungarian Interior Minister in preparation for the 12th May JHA Council meeting.

The letter contains major elements of Amnesty’s response to the 4th May Commission Communication, including comments on the need to contextualise the European impact of the North African migratory flows and on the EU’s ‘obsession’ at attempting to prevent persons from leaving North Africa.

Of relevance to this blog is a reference to EASO in the letter, where Amnesty says the following:

“Unfortunately, the Communication fails to specify how to deliver the principles of solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility in migration policy, for which Article 80 of the Treaty of Lisbon calls,2 so as to overcome dependence of existing schemes and rules (eg the ad hoc relocation scheme piloted in 2010 for asylum seekers in Malta, the Temporary Protection Directive or the European Asylum Support Office) on member states’ willingness to volunteer assistance.”

Apologies for the delayed posting, but I’ve spent travelling and am now catching up with the blog.

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