Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Two pieces criticising the EU's lack of solidarity & its migration/asylum approach

On 16th May the Malta Times carried an Editorial presenting a rather critical view of the way the EU institutions and MS dealt with the North African conflicts, clearly with particular reference to the Maltese situation.

An argument is made for the need for increased solidarity and responsibility-sharing measures, and EASO is referred to in this specific context. The Editorial stresses the need to interpret solidarity not only in terms of the intra-EU relocation of beneficiaries of international protection, but also in the context of “administrative/technical help. In this context the ERF and EASO are seen as tools to achieve this level of solidarity.

The same tone is adopted in a commentary in The Guardian on 11th May, in Cian Murphy’s ‘Europe’s asylum system is in crisis’. Murphy’s approach is clearly broader than the Malta Times’ Malta focus. EASO is not mentioned in the article, but in a reader comment that seems to have high expectations of the Office.

As with The Time editorial, emphasis is placed on the need for greater solidarity amongst the EU MS to ensure the effectiveness of an EU asylum policy.

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