Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Swedish Migration Board's full report on EASO in Greece (Swedish)

In an earlier post I referred to a report by the Swedish Migration Board on the proposed EASO Operating Plan for Greece. I also mentioned that I had submitted a request to the Commission to be given a copy of the finalised and signed Operating Plan, which request was regrettably denied.

Regarding the Swedish report, in the mentioned post I had uploaded 2 Annexes, as these were in English. I’m afraid I really haven’t had time to have the full Swedish report translated, also since Google Translate - whilst an excellent working tool - gives a very messy that’s quite not fit for uploading.

For the sake of completeness, I’m uploading here the full report in Swedish and a translation of the report’s abstract:

“The Operational Plan (OP) was completed in time. The plan includes short and long term support measures in the areas of
  • Registration / screening of asylum applications
  • Education, including the EAC
  • Management of asylum cases
  • Management of First Instance
  • Central Interpreters
  • Management of reception activities
  • Detention
  • EU funds

Experts in asylum support groups to be deployed in Greece for a year. Initially there were difficulties in finding specialised Greek spokespersons, and pressure was needed to obtain these. Work with the operational plan could have been better prepared and supported by the Greek authorities. The description and the temporal scope of the various support measures in the operating plan vary. Also, when and in what way the Greek authorities will develop the necessary human and financial resources are different. There is a risk that the forthcoming deployment of asylum experts will face serious administrative difficulties in supporting efforts that need to be implemented. Asylum Support Teams' work in Greece requires sustained political support of EU Member States in order to be successful.”

I can provide further basic elements emerging from the report (thanks to input from a Swedish friend):
  • Page 5 talks of how the EASO team started their work in Greece, with comments highlighting an apparent Greek reluctance to enter into substantial commitments. This seemed to create negative feelings between the EASO analysts and the Greek authorities;
  • It seems that during an information meeting of 15th March, the embassies of Great Britain, Denmark and Austria were particularly critical of Greece’s migration policy and the apparent lack of a political will to actively engage;
  • Interestingly, the report says that the Operating Plan’s section describing the situation in Greece was significantly shortened by Visser (EASO Executive Director). The report surmises that this could be due to Visser’s suspicion that such a detailed description of the situation could be too sensitive for the Greek authorities;
  • The report further underlines (page 8) the difficulties EASO will face in greece, particularly in engaging the Greek partners;

If any reader is able to have the document translated, I would gladly upload a full English version!

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