Wednesday, 25 May 2011

EP Plenary session discussing migration, asylum & Schengen

On 10th May the European Parliament held a Plenary session (Strasbourg) where they discussed the impact of migration and asylum issues on the Schengen debate currently taking the EU by storm.

What I find interesting about this discussion, for the purposes of this EASO Monitor, is that the entire debate only mentioned EASO once, and quite indirectly. In the speech she gave on behalf of the European Council, Enikő Győr (Hungarian Minister of State for EU Affairs) mentioned that EASO “although still in the process of becoming fully operational, is also available to help.” This reference was made in the context of points made on the need to support those EU MS mostly affected by the North African conflicts, that financial assistance could be coupled with EASO’s input, as well as relocation efforts.

I do find it quite strange that the EU Agency specifically tasked with providing the impetus to the EU’s asylum efforts was not given a more prominent role in such an important debate.

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