Monday, 2 May 2011

Document request denied by the Commission

On 26th April we used the appropriate Commission site to formally request a copy of the EASO-Greece Operating Plan.

Why did we ask for it? Being EASO’s first operational activity, we are curious to have several questions answered, on this particular deployment but - possibly more importantly - on EASO’s style of work:
  • what is the deployment structure?
  • how many persons will be deployed, and from where will they be offered?
  • what is the deployment duration?
  • what are the deployment’s operational targets?
  • what is the deployment’s budget?
  • who will the deployees be cooperating/liaising with?
...and the list is potentially endless. Essentially, we want to get to know EASO, and how it plans to work in the future.

The response we received was: “the document is internal and not made public”. Since there is absolutely no final and public information available on any of the above questions, the Commission has chosen to leave us in the dark.

Do we need to specify that we are not too impressed with this start of business?


  1. Go for a confirmatory application, there are still good chance you may get the document.