Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Where is EASO in the JHA Council migration Conclusions?

In it’s recent Conclusions (11th April), the JHA Council highlighted a number of very important issues relating to the current migration scenario unfolding in north Africa, and also how this scenario is affecting the EU’s southern borders.

Several debatable points are made:
  • continuation and expansion of the humanitarian support being provided by international organisations (UNHCR, IOM, ICRC);
  • solidarity with EU MS facing particular pressures;
  • increasing Frontex activities, such as patrols and a possible RABIT deployment for Malta;
  • urgency to prevent further flows, manage borders and ensure return/readmission of irregular migrants;
  • international protection capacity-building;
  • support for UNHCR’s resettlement efforts; and
  • long-terms strategies to address the situation.

Curiously, EASO was not mentioned once.

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