Monday, 11 April 2011

Letter from Commission to EP/Council re. EASO premises lease

I’m pasting contents of a very interesting letter from Mr. Stefano Maservisi (EU Commission) to Mr. Alain Lamassoure (Chairman of the EP Commitee on Budgets) and Ms. Eszter Kroll (Council Budget Committee President).

The letter essentially deals with the lease for the EASO premises for a period of nine years. It read as follows (parts in bold are my own emphasis):

“Dear Ms Kroll and Mr Lamassoure,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you on behalf of the newly appointed Management Board for the European Asylum Support Office (EASO). At their inaugural meeting of 25-26 November 2010, the Board has given me the task of taking the necessary steps to enable the Agency to become operationally and financially independent in the shortest time.

At their meeting of 25 February 2010, the Representatives of the governments of the Member States, agreed to accept the offer of the Maltese government for the Agency to be located in Valletta Harbour in Malta. The only building in the Valletta Harbour area that could house the Agency has been offered by the Maltese Government, namely the Centre in Xatt L-Ghassara tał-Gheneb, Marsa, in the Valletta Harbour complex.

In the spirit of transparency and in full compliance with the Financial Regulation of the EASO, in particular Article 74, the Board wishes to inform you of the plans for a lease agreement for the Agency to occupy the premises made available by the Maltese government.

Thus the Board would like to inform you of its wish to agree a lease agreement with the Authority for Transport in Malta (a semi-autonomous body) as the lessor, the Maltese government, to oversee the agreement, and EASO as the lessee, for a period of nine years. The majority (89.8%) of the rent and maintenance costs for the premises will be covered by the Maltese government for a period of three years and thereafter will be the responsibility of EASO.

While the building is being made ready the Maltese government has made available at no cost, a suite of offices to accommodate the Agency until such time as the permanent building is prepared.

Attached you will find a completed form that explains all the details of the lease agreement and the project with the Maltese offer, the draft lease agreement as well as the detailed floor plans for the offices.

With this information I hope that EASO can count on your support to proceed with the lease agreement and project so that the Agency can become fully operational in the very near future.”

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