Saturday, 23 April 2011

EASO's structural arrangement

In looking through the vacancies announced earlier this week, I came across a useful diagram outlining EASO's internal structure, which is accessible here.

The roles and powers of the Management Board and of the Executive Director are clear, as they emerge from the Regulation.  What is interesting is the departmental division at the lower levels.  The three main departments, 'Centres' according to the chart, are: Centre for Information, Documentation and Analysis; Centre for Operational Support and the Centre for Training, Quality and Expertise.

Interestingly, the Consultative Forum is place vertically covering all levels from the Management Board down to the Centre subdivisions.  Also, the Forum is given the same colour as the Management Board, possibly indicating at least the intention to give it a core role in the way all of EASO will function.  

This is the diagram showing EASO's structural arrangement:


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