Thursday, 21 April 2011

END FGM European Campaign on gender perspective in EASO

Some time ago I posted an item regarding EASO’s Executive Director hearing at the LIBE Committee, where the issues of gender and FGM were raised. The item was linked to an on-going Amnesty International campaign called END FGM European Campaign.

At the end of this former post, I asked whether END FGM had any comments on Visser’s response to the questions presented to him. The END FGM European Campaign has just come back to me with their comments on Visser’s approach:

The END FGM European Campaign welcomes the response Mr Visser. However, we expected to receive more detailed information on how the EASO has planned to integrate a gender perspective into its structure and its work plan. In particular, Mr Visser did not reply on how the EASO will include FGM as an integrated dimension in its work. We would like to see specific training sessions and information on FGM produced and disseminated amongst EU Member States. This is the correct time for the EASO to lay the foundation for a support office based on principle of gender equality.”

Many thanks to the Campaign for providing these comments.

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