Thursday, 14 April 2011

ECRE recommendations to the JHA Council

On 7th April ECRE sent a letter to the Hungarian presidency in preparation for the 11th and 12th JHA Council Meeting, intended to discuss the EU’s response to the refugee flows to the EU from north Africa. The letter contains four central recommendations to the EU MS, namely:
  1. Support opening up and strengthening protection space in the region;
  2. Offer a meaningful number of resettlement places in Europe;
  3. Respect the right to asylum in the EU; and
  4. Engage in concrete solidarity between EU MS.
EASO features in ECRE’s fourth heading, where it urges MS to direct their solidarity efforts to Italy and Malta. ECRE recommends a number of mechanisms for such solidarity, including intra-EU relocation of beneficiaries of international protection; technical support on reception conditions and on processing of asylum applications. Such support, ECRE specifies, could be provided on a bilateral basis or through EASO.

(I apologise for the delay in posting this, it must have slipped my radar!)

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